You talked, we listened…

When we set up Mobile Porsche Specialist, we wanted to make sure that from day 1 it was based around the needs of our customers. We spoke to over 100 Porsche owners and listened intently to what they said. Here are some examples of things that we have heard and taken on board:

“Good availability of parts. Excellent knowledge”

“Offer oe parts and non-oe parts, have nice paperwork so that the receipts look good”

“Don’t charge ridiculous sums and know where to get good-value parts.”

“Be friendly, not patronising as I’ve found with some (I’m female). Also don’t bump up ‘necessary works’ to push up the bill. Excellent idea tho’. Good luck”

“No flannel :)”

“Have all the tools”

“The main issues I would have are :- Could I see reviews and recconendations from other porsche owners. How much porsche experience and knowledge do they have. Finally are they good to deal with because we would all rather use someone we liked”

“Join a forum”

“Be able to work on older model’s and know where to get part’s from, although I can aslo help with getting part’s.”

“I have several older porches 944s and 911sc so experienced and knowledge with older cars would be essential also cost effective.”

“Don’t assume we’re all rich and try to rip us off because we own a Porsche.”

“Quick and great services without any bullshit or rip off”

“Honesty, sensible pricing and having the correct tools and diagnostic equipment to do the job! Also would like to know the ability to change water pipes, coil packs on a 997 turbo, air filter on a 991 and bleed up the coolant system….these are not jobs that can be done on the floor!”

“Demonstrate car can be fully checked without a ramp”


“Fair price. It my be a Porsche and my pride and joy but don’t take the piss”

“Know what your on about!”

“Understand that although they are specialist cars real people own them, not just football waged stars”

“Reputation is everything.”

“Ability to discuss needs of the car with the owner.”

“I would need someone to do the jobs I don’t have the facilities, tools or knowledge to do.”

“Good access to older parts”

“Be professional, be prepared to explain items that need work. Don’t be evasive if asked a question.

“Honest, reliable, does the work needed and not exploiting more jobs that aren’t needed. Reasonable prices, friendly, approachable. Knowledgeable within specifics and loves your car as much as you do. Someone who has a genuine passion for Porsche Happy to provide advice as needed.”

“Know the local established competition, be clear about what you’re offrring, be very customer focussed”

“Show your credentials and experience in order to get the work”

“Get out and meet them”

“Be careful what you take on. Some jobs just aren’t mobile suited. Clutch,flywheel and IMS for example.”

“Don’t try and rip people off with things that don’t need doing!”

“Be trustworthy and reliable and knowledgeable like my current one is.”

“Use genuine parts and keep everything original”

“Attention to Detail. Clean. Diligence. Honesty.”

“Be on time”

“Honesty, enthusiasm, flexible times and in-depth knowledge.”

“Make sure you have all relevant diagnostic tools for older cars “

“Demonstrated track record”

“Be as transparent and up front about pricing from the start. Why do repairs bills always spiral out of control? As a Porsche owner, I’m always treated like I have incredibly deep pockets and am happy to throw away money on repairs that don’t really need doing. I’m sure you’ll get lots of work as a mobile technical but I’d also recommend you act a mobile second opinion that can evaluate the proposed work of garages prior to it being undertaken. If they’re confident in their prognosis, they should have no problem with you turning up. In sum, be truly independent and make sure you prioritise good reliable communication with your customers over everything across all mediums (WhatsApp, email, text, telephone).:”

If you would like to share your needs relating to Porsche maintenance, please contact us here.



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