Porsche Pre-purchase Inspections

A Porsche will be a reliable, long lasting car if well maintained. However, buying a used car can be a risky business because you may find that previous owners have cut corners or deferred maintenance. While it may still not be a bad car, you could have an expensive first year. We offer highly regarded Porsche pre-purchase inspections for all models to give you as much peace of mind as possible as you go through this important purchase.

With our Porsche pre-purchase inspections identifying any issues, you can ask to have them resolved as part of the transaction, negotiate a lower price or, in extreme cases, walk away from the car. In our experience, most dealers involved in selling Porsches are well intentioned and, if a fault is discovered, they will put it right without hesitation. The cost of our Porsche pre-purchase inspections will, in most cases, be more than covered by money saved on repairs post purchase.

“The comments on the rear discs & pads – meant BCS have replaced them. Which immediately offset the cost of the inspection.”

“Very comprehensive – please thank him for me. Will run through line by line with them. Hopefully, all sorted prior to collection. Will definitely use you guys again / recommend.”

The inspection includes a full visual check of all aspects of the car. This includes operation of all significant components. We run a diagnostic check to identify any fault codes and hidden issues. Subject to permission of the seller we take the car for a test drive* long enough to make sure that it is fully warmed through and check for leaks after the test drive.

The price is £320+VAT

A word on bore scoring. We used to carry out a premium inspection which included the use of an inspection camera to check for scoring of the bores. However, this camera can only detect advanced bore scoring. We have seen engines in our workshop which have suffered from bore scoring but it could not be detected via an inspection camera. Our view now is that such an inspection is not sufficient protection against buying a car with early stage bore scoring. If a car has advanced bore scoring it is likely to smoke and make a tapping noise.


*Assuming car is road legal


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