Become a Customer Ambassador

Mobile Porsche Specialist is a service for Porsche owners, owned by Porsche owners. It is in our DNA to be driven by the needs of our customers. To help us with this we have formed an exclusive community of Customer Ambassadors who guide the development of our service on behalf of our customers as we expand nationally and beyond. There will only ever be 20 Customer Ambassadors.

For a token investment each will receive equity in Mobile Porsche Specialist Ltd plus:

  • Free servicing for one Porsche for 5 years
  • 20% off labour (except fixed price items)
  • The opportunity to guide us in our customer focus
  • The chance to be part of something which changes Porsche maintenance from a source of hassle to a source of pleasure

Your investment is forecast to deliver an IRR of over 40%. This is based on our own servicing prices. If you use OPC prices the investment is almost entirely covered and the IRR is much higher.

This is an opportunity to guide a truly customer led Porsche business via the Ambassador Community and to be part of a game changing business.

We will hold an annual Customer Ambassador event and plan to make available other Porsche related opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme or apply to be a Customer Ambassador, please email our MD Rob Murray at service@mobileporschespecialist.com or contact us here.

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