996 Pricing

If you are looking for a Porsche 996 specialist then look no further.   Our mobile workshop comes to you so we give better service without the overheads of a normal Porsche 996 specialist. We offer fixed price servicing and have all of the equipment that you would expect of a specialist. We have Porsche specific diagnostic equipment and a ramp. For ad-hoc jobs we give you a fixed price up front and we supply Porsche and OE parts at competitive rates. Please contact us to find out more.

996 Fixed Price Servicing (excluding VAT)


12K / 1year minor£260£260£300
24K / 2year major£370£370£395
Spark plug change (4years)£175£175£350
Belt Change (6years)£100£100£200
Coolant Change£145£145£145
Front pads£180£270£270
Front disc and pads£435£540£540
Rear Pads£175£180£180
Rear Disc and Pads£410£455£455
Brake Fluid Change (2years)£80£80£80
Manual gearbox service (12 years)£150£150£150
Tiptronic gearbox service (96k)£280£280£280
4wd differential oil (96k)£100£100£100
Drainage Channel Clearance£130£130£130
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