991 Pricing

If you are looking for a Porsche 991 specialist then look no further. Our mobile workshops come to you so we give better service without the overheads of a normal Porsche 991 specialist. We offer fixed price servicing and have all of the equipment that you would expect of a specialist. We have Porsche specific diagnostic equipment and a ramp. For ad-hoc jobs we give you a fixed price up front and we supply Porsche and OE parts at competitive rates. Please contact us to find out more.

991 Fixed price Servicing (excluding VAT)

20K / 2year minor £330 £330
40K / 4year major £475 £475
Spark Plug Change (4 years / 40K) £185 £570
Belt change (6 years / 60k) £245 £315
Manual clutch £1260 Enquire
Manual gearbox service £185 £185
4WD Differential oil (6years) £170 £170
PDK gearbox service (12 years) £490 £490
PDK clutch oil (12 years) £140 £140
Front pads £275 £300
Front discs and pads £670 £1480
Rear pads £265 £290
Rear discs and pads £620 £1565
Brake fluid change £90 £90
Drainage channel clearance £195 £195

All bookings assume acceptance of our terms and conditions. Some services may not be available in all areas. Some services require collection and delivery of the car by trailer which may be subject to additional cost. This will be quoted in advance.

Please note we are not able to work on public roads.

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