Less is more – the perfect sports car?

I love my job. I drive different Porsches most days, as well as being an enthusiastic owner. Last week, for example, I had the privilege of driving a near concours 964 Turbo. Justifiably cherished by its owner, this car gave me an experience I will never forget.

As some of you will know, the whole Mobile Porsche Specialist adventure started with my 8 year long experience of owning a 997.1 2S. I understand why many people consider the 997 to the the zenith of the 911 range. After setting up Mobile Porsche Specialist I was seduced by a 996 mk2 in Meridian Silver with a GT Aero Kit. Having been a 996 non-lover, I was converted by the analogue rawness of the 996. Mine had no traction control so it certainly commanded respect.

In February this year, having sold my 996, I found myself the owner of a rather unloved white Cayman S. Bought as a trade in, it needed some TLC both to bodywork and mechanics but underneath the neglect was a very special car – a 987 gen 2 manual S and, being 2011, it has the later more powerful engine.

Unfortunately, with the work that was needed and the pressure of work plus 4 kids (Cayman is not an ideal family car!), I have barely done 1000 miles in 6 months and those miles have just been short runs to The Hub and back. 

Until today that is…..

I had to be in Southampton at 0800 and back to work this afternoon. I was travelling alone so the Cayman was the obvious choice. I now completely get “the Cayman thing”. The car is totally sublime to drive. It is just as fast as any of my 911s but feels so much more nimble. It is noticeably lighter and feels smaller on the road. The legendary handling is out of this world with no sense of weight at the rear or lightness at the front. The brakes are just like a 911 with that slightly dead feel belying awesome power. The 3.4 litre flat 6 has always seemed smoother and sounded raspier in its mid engine position and having that wail just behind your head is simply mesmerising. Funny how the stereo stayed off!

But what I love most about this little car is what it doesn’t have. No switches on the steering wheel, no automatic AC, no switchable anything, no digital dash, no hybrid engine, no electric steering, no auto box. Not much that it doesn’t need in fact. My little Cayman has all that it needs to be the perfect drivers car – nothing more, nothing less. It won’t make me a fortune and won’t get noticed at Ace Cafe but all I wanted to do today was drive past work and keep driving all day with a smile on my face. Less really is more some times.

Happy driving!


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