The “Where are you based?” Question

One of the questions we are most frequently asked when people call is “where are you based?”. This makes us smile because it reminds us how much we drivers assume that we have to take our car somewhere with a fixed location for service, regardless of how convenient it may or may not be.

Our whole mindset is that you, the customer, should not have to go anywhere – it is our job to come to you. Thats why we have our fleet of mobile workshops that come to you. If the job is too large to be done via the mobile service (e.g. an engine rebuild), we simply collect the car and take it to our workshop and deliver it back.

So you don’t need to worry about where we are based. So long as you are in our area (most of England), it will be us asking you where is the most convenient place for us to come to work on your Porsche.

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