Statement on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a challenge for all businesses and individuals and the situation is evolving rapidly. Based on the current information, our intention is to continue to operate more or less as normal.

Our customer service team is working remotely so our telephony solution is a little clunky for which we apologise. If you are unable to get through by phone please email us at service@mobileporschespecialist.com – email is probably best currently.

Our technicians will work normally unless they become ill, in which case we will need to postpone appointments until after the 14 day self-isolation period. They are following government guidelines of regular washing of hands, antibacterial gel, not shaking hands, etc. We would ask that you respect the 1 metre space that the government is recommending.

At the time of writing there is only minor disruption to parts supply. Our parts come from Porsche GB, Design911 and Euro Car Parts, all of whom are quality operators with resilient supply chains. We will be as transparent as possible about any parts supply issues.

With strong bookings currently it is clear that customers understand how we can help people minimise un-necessary journeys from home and contact with others. We will continue to work hard to maximise the number of cars that we fit in.

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